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Your Desk, Creating success no matter where it is!

So many more of us are now working from the comfort of our own homes. At least, that’s what people will tell you. But quite a few of us struggle to find the comfort when we are working. When you are so used to being in an office and having that interaction, how do you find success when your new coworker is your dog or your kid and you are looking out your kitchen window? 

It isn’t always easy, but there are ways to make a home office feel more like a regular office. First of all, still get up and get going. Don’t stay in bed longer simply because you can, have a routine. Whether it is working out every morning, making a good breakfast, or simply making your bed find what makes your day feel right. You are preparing your mind to get going. If you start your day off right, you are so much more likely to feel accomplished and ready to work.  

 Next, set up a work space. There is nothing wrong with floating around throughout the day, but have a permanent spot, like you would in an office. Have a desk and chair that you are comfortable in. Make them feel like an office, maybe with frames, or keeping your post-it notes in the same place, whatever it may be, have it be comfortable for you while still providing the structure that your office used to provide. Also, make sure it is a well-lit and “happy” environment. Sitting in the dark corner of a basement isn’t good for anyone! This will help keep you motivated and focused, while also taking care of yourself mentally. 

Lastly, communicate with coworkers. There are so many channels to do this on nowadays. Not just email them, maybe IM them on your shared work portal (Teams, Zoom, etc.), or Facetime them really quick to ask a question that you have. People still need human interaction. When you talk to them, of course cover all your work-related questions but also ask them about how they are doing or what they have going on over the weekend and share stories. That way your home office doesn’t take away the social aspect of your job. 

Moving your office home isn’t always as easy adjustment for people but you can still find success in your job. Find what is comfortable for you! Make changes until it feels right, but keep in contact with people and keep to your routine and the days won’t feel so different in the end!