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Looking for a Job, Is Now the Right Time?

Unhappy at your job? But, afraid to move on because of the current climate and the uncertainty we have been living with? Maybe we can help you out. It’s true the world is changing, however there are career position waiting to be filled, you just have to go about your search the right way. There are many steps to consider in a job search from personal evaluations to networking, but even now, if you do the work you just might find the job of your dreams. 

A big part of assessing your next job, in your career resume, starts with you and taking the time to look inward at yourself to assess what job is right for you to considerThis comes from Mory FontanezPurpose Coach and the Founder and CEO of 822 Groupwhen she spoke to Business Insider about what it means to look inside yourself and find what makes you happy in your career. She gave great advice worth mentioning. Mory suggests that before you start your job search, you sit down and create a list of activities in your day that make you happy. Start from the beginning of your work days until the end, marking down all the times/activities that made you are genuinely happy. When you look at your list of what you loved your day and the things you do, it’s easier to see what you enjoy. This list, in essence, is a road map of what to focus on in your career moveIt can help you narrow your job hunt and your company industry. 

Another big part of finding a job, especially with social distancing in place, is networking.  It is important to remember that anyone can find and get to know you, simply by searching for your profile. Creating a simple LinkedIn account allows you to show future employers who you are and what you do right now in your current role.  With that said, make sure your profile stays up to date and has your current resume uploaded, before you state you are “open to work”. A nice picture of you smiling helps show that you are friendly and approachable. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with other people you know and introduce yourself to new companies, to help you find the right place for you. However, while social media can be helpful, it can be hurtful too, so make sure from your Facebook to LinkedIn, that your profile is clean.  If on your Facebook you have old albums of your college party days, maybe lock that album for a while. Also, as LinkedIn progresses there seems to be some interesting posts and trends, make sure yours stay less opinionated and more professional. You want future employers to get to know you, the best fun version of you with friends and familyIf you clean up your socials, networking on the internet is your friend during these crazy times. Don’t shy away from connecting and reaching out to profiles that could lead you to your new career. A well written introduction might start a great conversation. 

When actually starting the job search process, make sure you are organized. Yes, that seems like an obvious tip, but it truly helps. Don’t just start applying to jobs online, just to apply. Use your list of what you enjoy about your work to sort them out into categories. Indeed Career advice suggests that you categorize based on skill level. Two sets, one category, possess 60% of the skills needed for this job, and the second category, I possess less than 60% of the skills needed. That way you know what career submission are more plausible. Track your resume submissions also that way, you can see at a glance where you have applied, and where you maybe shining a little brighterby getting a response. Also, keep and save contact information with your list, so you can follow up after applyingFollowing up makes a world of a difference to recruiters or HR personnel.  By being the responsible person that follows up, you are also the person that may get a live person on the phone, providing you the opportunity to start a conversation about the position you applied toThis will take you miles, especially in a time when the interviewing process has changed quite a bit.  

Making a career move can be a process and finding a job now may not be easy, considering the challenging times we are living in, bet we hope these tips can help you along the way to finding your dream job. Stepping out of the box and looking within will help you find what it is you really want and are truly looking for. So, don’t let 2020 scare you off, go find your happy self, set your path, focus on the search ahead and find your dream job.