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Resolutions from TeamBradley

January is a time for New Year’s resolutions. TeamBradley made a few resolutions for the team and business and we thought we would share with you two of them. One team goal and one company focused goal. 

Our first resolution is a bit more reflective about the world of remote workers. Simply stated, it is to stay connected and bolster our team spirit every week. While it is super nice to have your commute only be seconds away at your desk, the reality at times is that we miss being with people. Over the last year, we found that staying connected has truly helped our team stay focused on the work at hand. To be fair, I think we drifted apart at times. MS Teams and FaceTime are our tools of connection. We renewed our commitment to tracking, sharing, and commenting with each other in our remote workspace. Monday is our FaceTime meeting day, and we all really look forward to planning out a great work week. Still more important, is that we talk with each other about the weekend happenings, upcoming virtual events, or just family stuff. We resolved to keep connecting, it keeps us feeling like the team we are.   

Our second resolution is about digging more in-depth into a business we love. The pandemic has been a bit wonky on the recruiting industry, and we are still rolling with it. In our first team meeting of the year, Rich brought up a statistic that pointed out that women’s job losses have been pretty remarkable over the last year especially in December. Shocking, you might say. If you consider that information, mixed with the fact that the Technology Industry in general, tends to be a male-dominated field, it makes you wonder, What can I do in my little business to make a difference? The answer for us is to reach a little farther, dig a little deeper, and network a bit more. While a resume is a fantastic source of information, a conversation on the phone tells you so much more about the woman or man at the other end of the phone.  

As we wade into 2021, we are feeling hopeful and optimistic about the year ahead of us. We know it is our team spirit resolution and our eye on being more connected that will motivate us to dig deep and thrive in an industry that will still be a remote experience for this year. 

About the authors: This blog was a team effort created by Mary Kate Gosselin, our Team Administrator focused on media resources and email management, and Amy Raspiller Bradley, company owner.  

According to The National Women’s Law Center in December of 2020 all the jobs lost were women’s jobs 156,000. Where men gained 16,000. Article title: All of the Jobs Lost in December Were Women’s Jobs by Claire Ewing-Nelson. 

According to a March 2020 publication in a blog on DreamHost title The State of Women in Tech 2020, by Case Bailey, Only 26% of all computing jobs are held by women. Noted was thin umber has been won a steady decline for year.