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Spring Clean that Resume

Spring is heading our way and with it the end of February, snow melting and for many people – spring cleaning. Meaning we deep clean, sort, organize, and super dust. However, this year might we suggest spring cleaning your resume? All too often people don’t give their resume a second thought, until they need it. If 2020 taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected. So, wouldn’t it be smart to have your resume “submit” ready just in case you need it? After you update your resume information, here are 3 quick Resume Spring Cleaning tips to freshen up your resume.  

Resume Spring Cleaning Tip No. 1 – Don’t get too fancy!  

A resume loaded with pictures or using a strange template can be hard for databases to import and process, which might mean your information gets lost or jumbled during an upload. Keeping the resume format clean and simple with consistent use of bullet points, spacing, and bold text, allows the reader to quickly see key words, expertise and work history.  It is true that HR personnel, recruiters and managers will skim resumes the first time through and sort accordingly. If a reader can only see colors, charts or pictures your content maybe lost. That may seem unfair, but when time is of the essence you want your resume in the “call” pile.  

Resume Spring Cleaning Tip No. 2 – Punctuation and grammar matters!  

I cannot think of a job where attention to detail is not required on some level. If you are submitting your information to a website or a portal, your resume is someone’s first impression of you. It is important to check for double spacing, spelling issues and for punctuation errors. Use an app like Grammarly and make sure you go through your resume with a fine-tooth comb! A well written resume is proof that you care about the details of your work.  

Resume Spring Cleaning Tip no. 3 – Have someone else proofread your resume!   

I cannot emphasize this enough because resume production can be stressful, have someone else read your resume. The more we stare at something we are working on, the harder it is to see our own mistakes. Someone else reading your resume for the first time might see a glaring mistake you did not. In addition to that, the bonus of having a couple of people proofread your resume, is that your reviewers can also help you assess if your expertise and career highlights are coming across clearly. Don’t be bashful, ask your reviewers to help you get your foot in the door by being brutally honest with you about your resume. You never know what you may have missed in content, format or grammar until someone else points it out.  

Spring cleaning your resume and having it “submit” ready is always a good idea. With your resume ready, you can quickly apply for that promotion position that opens up.  Or maybe someone shares with you the perfect growth opportunity to investigate, your resume is already done. Or sadly your company leaves you jobless, however with your resume ready to go, your job hunt will begin on a good foot. This spring, take the time to dust off your resume, update the information, simplify and organize the format, and ask a friend to read and critique it for you.  When your resume lands in the hands of the hiring manager, we want it to be on the top of the, “Let’s call this person” pile of resumes.