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Why Should You Use a Recruiter?

Why enlist the help of a seasoned recruiter? What’s the benefit? 

Here are the three top reasons to add a good recruiter to your professional team when you are job hunting and better yet as a consistent resource in the marketplace you work in. 

A Good Recruiter has unique resources:  

  • Direct connections to Hiring Managers 
  • Is a Collector of Dream Jobs 
  • Is a Presentation Guru  

If a direct connection to a Hiring Manager is what you are looking for, a good recruiter is that person, with long standing relationships with their clients. Your goal in meeting a recruiter today is to communicate your skills, expertise and share what your next career step looks like.  

Because recruiters know the hiring managers, who need people to add to their staff, they become Dream Job Collectors. And when your recruiter knows you and your talents, when your dream job lands on their desk, you’re going to be on that recruiter’s immediate connect list.  

And finally, a seasoned recruiter is a Presentation Guru and understands that skills and expertise are not the only pieces of the hiring process. A client centric recruiter knows the back story of their client, the company culture, the urgency of the hiring need and the best way to assist you to shine in their client’s hiring process. Working together allows you to put your best foot forward.  

Enlisting a recruiter to be part of your career future means you, have someone on your team who is connected to hiring professionals, someone who is keeping their eyes on the marketplace for your dream job, and is person who is an expert at navigating the process of connecting you to both your dream job and that manager thru expert advice and knowledge of the hiring process! So go ahead talk to that excellent recruiter for today, tomorrow and your future down the road. 

So go ahead and talk to that recruiter for you career move that you need to make now, or sow the seeds for your future move down the road. It’s totally a conversation worth having.  

***Seasoned recruiter is someone with experience in the industry you work in and comes highly recommended by a friend and understands that changing jobs is a journey.