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Phone Screen Tips

Dear Rich, 

I have a phone conversation coming up and I was wondering what best tips you can give me to succeed?  


Prepare – Make sure you are in a good spot in the house with a good connection. Try calling other friends in the spot that you will likely talk to the person so you know you will not lose connection. If you have a house phone use that number instead of a cell phone. 

No Distractions – Make sure there is no distractions. TV and music are off. Make sure you let others in the house phone know you will be on an important phone call. If you have children or pets at your house make sure they are in a different room.  

Have a glass of water next to you. You will be talking a lot 

Resume and Job Description – Have a copy of your resume and job description in front of you. Know your background and be prepared to talk about each of your positions, and the tools and technology used. Also be prepared to relate your experience to the job description 

Research – Make sure you do research on the company before the call. Visit their website and LinkedIn pages. Do not be afraid to tell them you have visited their sites and you saw that.  

Smile! It makes you appear more confident and people can hear it over the phone. 

Ask for Clarity – If you do not understand the question asked them to please clarify the question  

Energy – Be upbeat and excited to talk to them. Finish the conversation with just much energy as when you started 

Thanks – Thank the interviewer for taking the time to talk to you and ask what the next steps are (if they have not already said). Always send them a thank you note after and clarify anything you may have talked about.