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Doesn’t it seem like summer is flying by? Believe it or not, we are already on the other side of the 4th of July and there is precious little summer left.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had much of a chance to enjoy it, as I’m taking my turn in the Bradley family rotation of health issues.  I had been dealing with some pretty severe back pain, and unfortunately a CT scen revealed cancer in one of my kidneys. I had it removed and have, thankfully, been declared cancer-free.  Now I’m on the path to dealing with the pain, which was unrelated to the cancer. In an effort to avoid back surgery, I’m seeing an advanced chiropractor who is forbidding me from doing things like sitting up. These days I’m either lying down without a pillow, hanging upside down or floating in a pool doing my physical therapy.  It’s been a long and frustrating process, but if it means I don’t have to have surgery, it’ll be worth it. I’m still working, just not from my chair. I have to say the most challenging part has been reading and writing sideways. Try it sometime, it is not very easy.

Amy and Cassi have been very patient and helpful with my limitations and challenges. We have been sending Cassi to camps and spending a lot of time with friends to get her out of the house.  I told her that when this was all over we could go do something fun together and she picked Legoland park. That should be fun.

Summer has been more normal for the rest of the team, Elizabeth recently returned from her vacation to the East Coast. At the end of May, she volunteered at the annual Frank Lloyd Wright Housewalk in Oak Park.  It seemed like an interesting experience for her to say the least.

Over the 4th of July weekend, Bob took his son, Lincoln, to the airport to honor a group of WWII veterans returning from a visit to Washington, D.C.  Bob had special signs made for the occasion and everything. Since Lincoln is a Boy Scout, they also marched in the 4th of July parade.

Allie has been spending the summer going to concerts with her friends and family. Last Saturday, she took her dad to see Journey and Steve Miller for her Father’s Day gift, but it was rained out. At the end of the month, she’s going to see Jay-Z and Beyonce.

As I mentioned figuring out a way to work has been challenging, but the team and I are still here for you. If you’re an employer, feel free to call or email me to discuss your hiring needs.  At TeamBradley, we’re committed to adding value to your organization. And even if you’re not presently hiring, I would still love to talk with you about your plans for the last half of 2014, the market in general or to help you research salary comparisons for your current staff.

We have a wide variety of positions we’re currently working on, and we get new jobs weekly. If  you are contemplating making a change, give me a call or email me and let’s discuss your career. And please be sure to check out our complete list of Open Positions.

No matter the category you are in, employer or applicant, please look over the articles I have collected this month that I think are helpful tools and information for IT professionals.



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