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Happy Spring! I hope you have enjoyed the first taste of warmer Chicago weather. Amy, Cassi, and I are still in Florida so we’ve been enjoying warmer weather for a while, but my staff in Chicago is loving it. We have really settled into our new house and community in Nokomis Florida. We are 6 miles from the beach and 6 minutes from Cassi’s school. The other day we walked out of a building in the evening and it was still in the mid 70’s and Cassi looked at me and said, “I love this weather.” The funny part is she was the biggest proponent to not come down here but did it to help mom. Now she is hooked. Cassi is already actively involved at her school and in a drama club. She is our little actress. A couple of weeks ago, Amy fell and broke her ankle in 2 places. The irony is that we came down here to keep her away from falling in the ice and snow of Chicago’s winter and she does it here in our kitchen. She was on crutches for a while until the doctor discovered that she also now had a blood clot in that leg. Needless to say, life has been keeping us on our toes (at least Cassi’s and mine, Amy has been wheel chairing it for a few weeks).

Over spring break, Bob and his family came to visit us. They spent some time at Disney and the beach and visiting with us. At the beginning of the year, Bob and I made a bet over who could lose more weight by spring break.  Thanks to Amy’s healthy cooking and a total lack of effort on Bob’s part, I won handily and Bob had to buy me dinner. And then to top it off I also beat him in golf. It was a good week for me.

In other office news, Bob connected with the immortal Bruce Springsteen on LinkedIn and Allie is on a vacation of her own this week. She is about a half hour away from us, but without a car, so it doesn’t look like we’ll be able  to connect. I’m sure she’s having more fun by not seeing us anyway.

And last but not least, Elizabeth had a bout with carpel tunnel, but is now finally healthy again and wrist brace free. And before you think we only let Bob and Allie get to go on a vacation, Elizabeth’s is in June. Unlike everyone else in the office, she is not going to Florida, but to the coast of Maine.

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