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Happy New Year! We have jumped headlong into 2014 and the holidays already seem like distant memories. I’ve joined Amy and Cassi at our new home in Nokomis, FL for a time. I’m still working, just in a warmer climate. We have certainly not been sorry to miss out on Chicago’s frigid -15˚F temperatures and all the snow.  We’re still working on making some light renovations to the new place, but other than that, we love it. Another perk of being in Florida is that we’re closer to Disney, we just spent MLK weekend there and had a great time. Right now we plan on staying here until Cassi is out of school for the year, coming back to Chicago for the summer and then turning around and doing it all over again. But everything is subject to change.

Bob and his family recently took the plunge and got a puppy! She’s a German Sheppard mix and just over six months old.  Her name is Rebel. She’s making excellent progress with the potty training thing. But for now you can find Bob spending most lunch hours heading home to take care of Rebel and then coming back again. Elizabeth and Allie want her to be the office dog during the day, but true to my fuddy-duddy ways, I have nixed this idea.

2014 has also been a whirlwind of business activity. Everyone seems to have new budget money and a desire to add to their IT staff. If you’re an employer, feel free to call or email me to discuss your hiring needs.  At TeamBradley, we’re committed to adding value to your organization. And even if you’re not presently hiring, I would still love to talk with you about your plans for 2014, the market in general or to help you research salary comparisons for your current staff.

The beginning of the year is a great time for the job market. Certainly many candidates find the start of a new year to be a good encouragement to make that next step in their career and as I mentioned, companies have just refreshed their budgets and are anxious to have their hiring needs met.  If you are contemplating making a change, give me a call or email me and let’s discuss your career. And please be sure to check out our complete list of Open Positions.

No matter the category you are in, employer or applicant, please look over the articles I have pulled that I think are helpful tools for IT professionals.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and have a fantastic start to 2014.


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