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March Newsletter 2020 – For Our Clients

Happy 2020 from TeamBradley. Things have been crazy here and we want to update you on what has been going on! Usually we check in quarterly with everyone, however the end of 2019 just flew past us, and the start of the new year was incredibly busy.  It is almost spring and we are scratching our heads and asking, How did that happen!?! At the end of October we added Mary Kate to our team, adding more hands on deck to increase our quality service to our clients! We are excited to have her on the team supporting nearly all aspects of the recruiting business with a strong focus on business communication with you via emails and social media!

From the desk of Amy Bradley: For the Bradley family It has been a wild end of 2019 and beginning of 2020. We spent time in Chicago during the holidays to visit the Wheaton office and spend time with kids and grandkids before quickly returning to the warmth of Florida. We are forever grateful that in this day and age, small boutique businesses can still run and be successful. I have watched Rich work in this industry for over 20 years. All totalled he has spent an amazing 38 years as a recruiter and the best part of watching him is the fact that he is still so passionate about his work. It may sound cliche, however it is true, he truly still loves what he does day in and day out working with and for people. We have been so fortunate over the last few years to have some amazing people work with our team and bring to our business some creative energy.

Reflecting on Rich’s 38th anniversary he shared with me the following numbers. He has personally assisted his clients to fill over 30+ roles each and every year, and some years even as many as 48 job openings. When you also add in all the recruiters that he has trained and managed over the years and those roles they have filled, that number of positions filled each year is pretty darn amazing. You can do the math, that is a lot of people out there that Rich has assisted over his lifetime career. And he is still going strong! I am so proud to be part of this business and to watch Rich continue to be a people person!

On a personal note, we are in the second half of our youngest child’s senior year of high school. Watching Cassi grow is completely and totally bittersweet. We are not ready to let her go, but she is showing us how ready she is for college. A merit and athletic scholar (D1 rowing), already admitted to the honor’s program, she is ready to shine at Stetson University. We are glad that she is close enough to home so she can come home for a weekend. But far enough away that she gets to feel like she is out on her own. On the flip side, we are excited that she will still be close enough that we can head out to still see her rowing in college. Additionally this spring it was an honor to meet the college president, executive board and the members of the J Ollie Edmunds family as Cas was selected as one of the top 8, to interview for their distinguished scholarship award, out of a class of 950 incoming freshmen. Yep, we are pretty proud of this kid!

~ Amy Raspiller Bradley

Emily has officially been with TeamBradley now for over a year, as of October 2019. She has an extraordinary passion for the recruiting process and is very client and candidate focused. However, Emily is traversing her expertise to the search side of TeamBradley and now spends a lot of her time communicating with candidates keeping our clients immediate needs front and center on her to do list. Her work involves many different platforms, but it always starts with the TeamBradley community and network of individuals rooted in the Chicago area, and extending beyond. Emily is a warm weather person and worked from the Florida office in January for a week and enjoyed heading to the beach in the evenings. After the work week near the beach, she spent time with her family in Orlando for another week! She’s planned her trips perfectly this year because after just being back for 2 weeks she is now off the Puerto Vallarta for a family wedding. TeamBradley must have a really good vacation policy. 🙂

Our newest team player, Mary Kate joined us in October 2019. She has been a big help filling in during Emily’s vacation time. Mary Kate is our part-time assistant, college student and all things social media for TeamBradley. She is using her degree focus of marketing to take TeamBradley up a notch in the ever changing social media world. When she isn’t creating hashtags or checking what’s trending, she is creating our blog posts or in the back office working on candidate presentations. As the newest member of the team, she is still learning the ropes and all of the ins and outs of our database, technology buzzwords and how to support a very busy office. Five months in and we are certain she was the right person for the team and we love that she still is very excited to be a part of the TeamBradley recruiting process! Welcome Mary Kate. 

Speaking of team members! These 2 former members did not get their proper goodbye.

Rosa Kemp: A member of the US Women’s Rowing Team for 2019, has retired after her competition in the World Championship this last summer. She has now moved into full time coaching and Rich and Amy are personally very happy that Coach Rosa is going to be daughter Cassi’s coach once again. It seems fitting that when Cassi joined the Sarasota Crew as a novice girl, Coach Rosa was her coach. Now three years later as Cassi finishes her senior year as a varsity rower, she once again has Coach Rosa to train with. Now a full time coach, TeamBradley had to say goodbye to our Rosa. Thank you for supporting Rosa and Team USA along with us here at TeamBradley!

Catherine Schumacher: A team player we just never say goodbye too. Catherine worked with us while she was in high school, while in college and most recently when she returned to grad school. Now after getting married, focusing on tough classes and a busy life we had to say, “See you again soon!” to Catherine this past fall. This was not a Good-bye! We are hoping she will find time for us again in the future. 🙂

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