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Be Thankful

We all know that this year has been one for the record books, quite literally. But with all the changes brought on, it has also created some memories to never forget. So, as Thanksgiving approaches, TeamBradley looked back and made note of what really matters to us. We challenge you to do the same, let’s go into the end of the year with our spirits high and our hearts full. 

As you may have read in our previous blogs, Mary Kate’s family has done a lot to keep the happiness alive during this pandemic. From family Olympics, to themed birthday parties and days filled with outdoor and indoor games. But what she is most thankful for this year is her relationship to her family. Watching her daughter Sophia grow up has been her greatest blessing, but also the relationships she has with her sisters, brother in-laws and parents. They all spent so much time together this year, even more than usual. She also has an incredible relationship with her extended family (she is one of 25 grandkids on her mother’s side) that she couldn’t be more thankful for. Not to mention, her team at work. TeamBradley welcomed her with open arms and made her feel a part of the team, she couldn’t be more grateful, that in a crazy year like 2020, she was at a job she loved. Above all, she is thankful for her health and the health of her loved ones! Mary Kate is looking forward to her favorite holiday season and to a great start to 2021! 

Emily is also beyond grateful for all of the family time she has had this year. She is also very close to her extended family and has been spending more time with them. Emily has a lot of cousins, as well, but being the oldest doesn’t stop her from joining in the fun though! They play games weekly and love to have family bonfires to pass the time. They enjoy being together and still get to have their social fill. Emily is also thankful for the health of her family and of herself. With this year being so heavy, it’s nice to know that her loved ones have been ok. Lastly, she’s grateful for her job with TeamBradley. She is happy to have steady work and a job she can rely on. She is going into 2021 ready to work hard and move forward! 

Rich is most thankful for his family. His three daughters and his wife, Amy are his greatest blessing. Amy is also his business partner and they love to work together! They spend their days together, whether on the phones for work or watching a sunset on the beach, sounds pretty great to me! Rich also is happy to have a team that cares about their company and works hard to make it work. He is one of the lucky ones, who found what they love to do and created a career from it. It’s great that all of TeamBradley loves what the company stands for and works hard to make it possible. Lastly, as we all are, he is beyond thankful for the health of himself and his loved ones. He looks forward to the end of the year and finding a lot of people their dream career for years to come! 

Last but not least, Amy is happy for her health, her family, her work team, and her puppy! Their dog coco is always there to cheer her up when she needs a break from the world, whether on a walk or with kisses. She is so happy that their third daughter, Cas, has been able to have some sort of freshman year at college, even if it isn’t what she imagined it would be. She is grateful that her husband can take lemons and make lemonade. He is a positive light in a sometimes-dark time. Amy also loves her work team and is glad that they want to be here and want to work. She not only works for TeamBradley but also spreads joy with her other love, hooping. She’s thankful she can still do this, even if it is virtually. She is looking forward to a day she can be back outside and come up to Chicago for a visit. But until that day comes, she is focused on finding joy in something every day! 

TeamBradley is also thankful for YOU! No matter who you are, we are thankful you are here and you are reading this. It’s been a tough year, but we are all in it together and we will come out even stronger. So, take a minute and count your blessings, there are probably more than you think!