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From the desk of Rich and Amy Bradley –  

The New Year is here, and we are embracing 2021. As we close the door on 2020, we are taking a moment to reflect on business from our small boutique recruiting firm’s desks. We cannot express how grateful we are that we have clients, that companies are still active and prospering and that we have the technology needed to continue doing what we do. We are forever in awe of our technical guru, Andy, who kept our business nimble and allowed our office to become fully remote. 

Like many of you, our talent and skills with Zoom and MS Teams have become proficient compared to where we were at the beginning of 2020. We are confident that you may feel the same way as we do.   

Recruiting is a great business that allows us to connect people with clients and match the people we meet with our clients’ needs. It seems even more important to assist our clients in the year ahead as they strive to reach their goals and growth potential. We are committed to the job we do and connecting with as many people as we can. And by doing so, we assist clients and candidates alike.  

Building relationships, networking, and sharing stories is what we at TeamBradley are all about. Assessing and establishing the right fit for the client and candidate is about requires taking time to connect with people and drill down on what is important to YOU – The client and the candidate.  

Client + Candidate = 2021 Happiness for all of us.  

We love what we do, and we are doing it every day – No matter what! 

On the personal side, we did not do our normal travel north this year for the holidays, and like many of you, our gatherings were on a Zoom screen (love it and hate it all at once). We deeply missed seeing family and friends this past year. Our youngest was home from college after she finished her first semester. She came home the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and went back in January. We enjoyed lots of game nights, holiday movies, and down time together.  

Wanting to make sure that we integrated Cas back into our bubble of space safely and still celebrate Thanksgiving together, my wife had the brilliant idea to get 2 connecting hotel rooms (one with a kitchen) and stay there for 10 days. That worked very well. Cas was Covid tested as she left campus to meet up with us. There I could still work, we could do meals together and took our food outside on the card table and folding chairs we brought with us. We ate outside on the patio together with space. First floor rooms are the best. This took a fair amount of planning, but it worked well and we could immediately be together which was the most important part of Thanksgiving for us! It was a great way to catch up with her after these many months of her being gone and still make sure we did it safely.  She went back to Stetson University this week for her 2nd semester of classes and rejoined her rowing teammates. We can’t believe how fast her 6-week break went. We are grateful for the time we had to reconnect. 

And as you might expect, when the day came to return to school, she was all packed and ready to hit the road and get back to her college life. Just like in August, Amy and I are still nervous about her going; however, we are confident she will do well. 

We hope this note finds you and your quarenteam (your bubble, circle, and people) doing well. Please do let us know how your holiday season and start to 2021 went – we love your stories.  


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