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It’s so warm outside in Chicago that it feels more like summer than spring. Amy and I have obviously been quite warm in Florida for a while, but the Wheaton office is finally enjoying the higher temps.  Amy has been teaching hula hoop fitness classes on the beach with her mentor and will soon become a certified instructor.  Did you know that you can burn 420 calories in a hour just waist hooping?  That’s your fitness tip for the day. And no after last year’s back surgery I don’t join in on the classes, however I have been known to get in an arm hooping session several times a week. The exercise and community have been great for Amy. Cassi continues to enjoy the outdoors and is doing well as a coxswain. They were 3 for 3 for 1st place finishes at her last meet and she was just offered the opportunity to move up to the JV high school team next year even though she will only be in 8th grade. Got to love club sports!  We are all looking forward to summer as Cassi has been wrapping up all of her school year activities.  We are really happy to be able to travel this summer and plan to spend time in Wheaton, IL at the main office and with family in IN. After last summer I am truly grateful my back pain has been eliminated and I am cancer free. Life is certainly a blessing.

My grandson, Lincoln, just celebrated his First Communion last Saturday. He even had a speaking role and did a great job. After the service we had brunch on the porch of a local breakfast place, the weather was absolutely beautiful and a good time was had by all. The youngest one of the family, my granddaughter Audrey is now crawling and getting into everything. She looks exactly like Bob in baby form. Bob and Sami are doing well.

Next weekend, Elizabeth will once again be volunteering with the annual Frank Lloyd Wright housewalk.  She has a brother and sister graduating from college and high school respectively in the next couple of weeks, so the rest of her May is going to fly by with family and much celebration. She is currently enjoying The Collected Early Works of John Updike.

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