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2015 has gotten off to a very good start at TeamBradley. We have been so busy that it is hard to believe we’re nearing the end of the first quarter. How about for you? Thankfully, Amy and I were able to sell our house in Wheaton at the beginning of February. We moved our middle daughter into an apartment while she finishes college that has space for us to stay when we’re in town, but for now we are full-time Florida dwellers that travel back to Illinois for business on a regular basis.  Cassi, our youngest, is doing very well here. She’s heavily involved in after-school community activities of both drama and choir and, most recently, has joined crew as a coxswain. In her first race last week her crew came in 2nd. It was very cool to watch them work together as a team.  We are also enjoying the beautiful weather and being much closer to Disney.

For our spring break this year, Amy, Cassi, and I are going on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas. After everything medically last year, it should be a good time for us to relax and regroup as a family. Also to get great tans. My wife loves that going on a cruise prevents me from working, aside from a periodic email check. I am a bit nervous however with Bob and Elizabeth in-office holding down the fort I am sure we all are in great hands. Of course, they have reminded me they will not be getting tans!

Bob and his family are doing well. His son, Lincoln, recently participated in a pinewood derby for Boy Scouts. He is also preparing for his First Communion coming up in the late spring. Audrey had her six-month check up last month and is doing well. For spring break, the family plans on spending a long weekend at a water park in Wisconsin.

Although she was a little late to the party, Elizabeth developed an instant addiction to Sarah Koenig’s murder investigation podcast, Serial, last month. She finished the whole season over a period of four days and found herself unable to think about anything else. Should you like to become similarly addicted, click here.  She had uncharacteristic culinary success with a gluten-free chocolate cake last week, which she reports was delicious, but none of us would know because she didn’t share.  And she is currently in a Joan Didion literary phase.

And if you are a potential candidate, we have a wide variety of positions we’re currently working on, and we obtain new career opportunities weekly. If you are contemplating making a job change, give me a call or email me and let’s discuss your career. And please be sure to check out our complete list of Open Positions.