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Recruiting Trends 2020

With the new decade rolling in, I thought I could share a little about my industry and what I have done for over 38 years. So welcome to 2020! I thought we could start the new year with a few new tips and current trends when it comes to finding a job, not only for the company but for the candidate as well.

Recruiting has changed many times over the last few years, with both new technology and the new ways people seem to interact. Going into this new decade change is inevitable, we know that things will be no different; there will be several new trends for recruiting new employees. It is a big change from where I started with just a phone and a rolodex on my desk.

One of the ways recruiting has changed is how strategic a recruiter can be when it comes to candidates or clients. With the way technology and the internet has changed the world, it has become so much easier to find information about candidates and at times widening the talent pool reach immensely. Technology also creates a much faster growing relationship between the recruiter and their client or candidate. A recruiter can see and learn so much more about a person or company, through profiles and bios and what they put on the web. This makes the recruiter even more of an asset because they can place people with a company more efficiently, rather than people going to several interviews at businesses they may not want to be apart of.

Another way things are changing is every company needs to have a brand. If you show who you are upfront, from marketing to personnel, it will be a much easier hiring process. It is not just about money any longer, people want to know what the experience of working there will be like. They want to know about the culture, and a good place where people go to look for that is social media. Social media isn’t just changing the way we communicate, for a lot of people, it is changing the way they see things. When a company can show how happy their employees are or what they do for the community or even what a day working there looks like, it pushes a candidate to want the job all that much more. This helps us speed up a hire for the client and place the candidate, which is a plus for everybody, especially going into this gig economy when people could be switching jobs that much more often due to contracts and freelance workers.

The last big change heading into 2020 is that people are now reaching to their mobile device before finding a computer, to apply for a job or do their research. They do it while on public transit, sitting at the doctor’s office or even on a walk with a friend. Mobile devices are the future of applying. Both of my assistants have shared with me that they applied for their positions on the phone. A lot of companies still do not have mobile applications as of now, but we believe that will have to change. There are people who will pass up applying for a job, if they cannot do it on their mobile device; our world is now all about speed and efficiency thanks to smartphones.

Moving forward throughout the decade, technology will continue to change how we do things. However, by following the current trends and utilizing social media , this business of connecting clients and candidates will be a better experience for everyone involved. So start looking to social media for assistance whether you are a candidate or client and use the technology to your advantage.

While I no longer have a rolodex on my desk, the phone is still front and center and while technology, software, internet and social media have improved the way we do things, for us at TeamBradley, human contact is still and will continue to be the most important piece of the recruiting puzzle.