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August Newsletter 2019

It’s Officially August and summer flew by! During the month of July the Bradley’s generally travel to Syracuse, Indiana for family fun at the lake with the kids and Amy’s family. The two lake places are pretty busy for the first few weeks of July and then it gets quiet for the end of the month. We enjoyed some quiet before we traveled to Illinois for business and enjoyed more time with the kids, grandchildren and family friend. We are now are officially back in Florida.

Team USA – TeamBradley is so PROUD TO ANNOUNCE that our employee Rosa Kemp is now part of the US Women’s Rowing team. We are THRILLED TO NOT HAVE HER RETURNING to TeamBradley this summer because she is a little busy training for the 2019 World Rowing Championships, to be held in Austria in late August. Rich and I feel like proud crew parents because we first met Rosa as a coach with our daughter. We’ve seen her work with staff and kids and watched as she shifted her training goals towards being on Team USA. It was at that point Rosa stepped away from coaching, only working part-time to support herself as she chased, and worked hard, to obtain this dream come true. We admire her dedication to her sport and her passion.

 Social networking is an amazing tool. And we are honored to share with you Rosa’s GOFUNDME link. From watching Rosa, we know that the dedication to any sport at the elite level, requires focus, hard work, scheduling dedication and it is her full time job! She is amazing and she is working hard with her teammates in her lightweight 4x boat to be, World Rowing Champions. Rosa just an amazing person, with a great smile, awesome personality, strong sense of family, team and country. I am never going to be an athlete like Rosa, but I am thrilled to support her and Team USA. We know every little bit helps when you are on a journey like this. It’s kind of cool I can say, TeamBradley supports, Team USA Rowing. You too can support this amazing athlete. We thought this was worth sharing and thank you for understanding this journey is special to us. At the point of this publication Rosa reached her financial goal within a week of putting up her page. We asked what she would do if she surpassed her desired goal, her comment was, she would pay off debt acquired while training full time.  We decided to share her link:

Rich and Amy have a long standing tradition of planning the NEW YEAR in July. This is where we take a look at the first six months of the year, and assess, How did we do? And I have to admit this past June was challenging. In brief, after a month long series of tests and doctors it was determined that Rich is still cancer free. The process is exhausting the end result – feels good. We started this July’s planning with, “Doing good!” It changed our perspective on a number of things. And for that I am grateful.

The Bradley’s worked hard to finish the summer strong with visits to some clients in Chicago, family and friends as well.  Cassi, our youngest and a senior in high school spent time reconnecting with friends in Chicago and we took in a couple Cubs game too.

Amy once again hooped her way from Florida to Iowa to The Wahls Seminar and Retreat 2019, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Amy, diagnosed with MS in 2012, follows Dr. Terry’s protocol and is drug therapy free. Good food and fitness is really what Amy focus’ on. Her fitness is hula hooping. Amy teaches hoop fitness classes for adults and event hooping classes for children. Amy has been doing this for 3 years now.  To find out more about hula hooping for fitness or Amy’s MS story visit her website To learn more about Dr. Terry Walhs and her amazing story and work visit

Emily Boblewski is our amazing assistant and if you have had the pleasure of chatting with her, I am sure you can sense she is a manager of many things. She too has had a super busy summer. When she is not going into the city to visit friends, enjoy a warm summer Chicago night or going to baseball games (Cubs or/and White Sox – she is and equal opportunity fan,though thankfully more of a Cubs fan)  you would likely find her assessing the best wedding gift to give one of her girl friends. It seems that all of her friends decided to all get married this year! It’s that type of year for Emily, lots of events and fun with friends. We have enjoyed watching her plan to make the most out of her time off during her, now dubbed, “Emily’s wedding season!”

Catherine Schumacher is a back office person with TeamBradley. She fills in assisting Emily with the busy office phones over lunch time, but generally she is our database guru and focus’ on assisting Rich on the search side of our business. She is part time and has been with us for many years. She was a high school administrative support person years ago with us, worked again with us during college and recently returned to us as she returned to school for her masters degree. She is working towards her degree as a marriage counselor and recently her boyfriend proposed to her. TeamBradley is excited for Catherine and her journey through school and into marriage. Her summer is about planning and working towards the next chapter in life. We feel like we have watched Catherine grow up and we are overjoyed for her.

Maddie Severino is our awesome summer intern! Maddie has helped us and Emily with managing the office this summer.  We are sad to see her go but happy that she accepted a position at Earst & Young to start in late September. Maddie is a recent graduate of the University of Missouri with a degree in accounting. She is so excited to be back in the Chicago area and happy to be part of our team! When not working, She has been busy this summer working on her CPA, planning a move to the city, and spending time with family and friends

***At TeamBradley we are working to update our database of information. If you are seeking a career change right now, please do send us your updated resume. However, the best time to update your information with us is when you are not in job change mode. Updating your resume with us when you are happy and working and not in job crisis, allows us to keeping you in the loop on job trends and happenings in your nitch area of technology. This way when we know about your next career job before you do, we can connect with you about it. The choice is always yours.

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