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Hello Clients and Happy New Year to you! 

2019 is already in full swing! We at TeamBradley found some time off with family and friends during the holidays, but kept our email and phones open for our clients making sure year-end and year-beginning needs were being met. This is how we work! As a recruiter and a business owner, I understand that the urgency of hiring during the holiday time frame is just as important to everyone involved, as any other time of year. It is why we at TeamBradley ended the year on Dec 27th placing someone in their new career position and then started 2019 with a company extending an offer to a candidate on Jan 2nd. Now that’s a good feeling, people working and clients moving forward! Happy New Year! January moved so quickly that the cold did not even slow us down. While all my team members worked remote and safely from home, we closed out the month making one more client and one more candidate happy.

As we march full speed ahead into February I have already been asking the same questions as you have about the year ahead. What am I going to accomplish in the year? What do I want my team focusing on? What positions and clients are ready to get the ball rolling on their hiring needs? In broader terms, I am always looking at how the world around me is changing and how technology will change and enhance my business.

This business of technology has been a wonderful place for me, my wife and family and I have awesome team members that work with me, supporting a job I am passionate about. I still, even as I am nearly 37 years in the recruiting business, find the hiring/interview process thrilling, and very rewarding. As I reflect on that number, 37 years, I feel fortunate to have the longevity and relationships that I do in this ever changing and fascinating marketplace.

As a long term client, you know, I strive to find the right people for you and your company. Because hiring is not just about filling a vacancy. It is about finding someone who can do the job, who will fit with the culture of the company/team, who will thrive in the position, and someone who strives for excellence daily. If you are not yet a long term client, this is how I work and why I am still passionate about what I do, day in and day out as a recruiter. I find it profound to think my job is really life changing for companies and for the people that go to work for you, my clients. I am so honored to be part of your hiring process.

If you have hiring needs that have not yet been brought to my attention, you can find me at the following; or call me 630-344-5100 x 610.

So if you are ready to get going on making it an awesome 2019 on the hiring front – I am here! Below are some articles I found interesting enough to share with you.

Regards, Rich

Here is an interesting read!

The Hottest Markets For Jobs, according to Zillow.

Some information from MSNBC that talks about the job market and the effects of the government shutdown. Worth the watch.

From Adriana Belmonte, Associate Editor with Yahoo Finance

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