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Dear Clients,

I hear Spring is finally hitting Chicago and the suburbs and maybe it is here to stay. I am just going to pretend I did not hear that it might snow next week. It is hard to believe it is the end of the first quarter of the year. The first quarter of this year has been nearly as wild as the winter weather.  Technology is a busy place to live in and we have certainly been very busy. I do hope this note finds you doing well.

If you have been working to add people to your staff, you already know that the marketplace is changing. Candidates are at a point where, if they are seeking to make a change, they are often faced with many options. That translates into fast movement of candidates and a big challenge for hiring professionals when juggling a heavy work and interviewing load. My goal as always is to assist you in moving the interviewing and hiring process along, as quickly as possible by identifying the right candidates for your company/position. In this fast moving market I will work to keep you looped in on what is happening with the marketplace and the people you interview. No one likes to get to the end of the interviewing process, have a favorite candidate, and then find out their favorite candidate is accepting an offer somewhere else.

I am proud of the team I have working with me right now because they all bring a special something to the table – Here is a little TeamBradley “Team” update:


The Team

Rosa – We are all really excited for Rosa. Rosa is a part time person that works with us here in Florida. When she is not at TeamBradley having fun hanging out with us, she is busy rowing, erging (working out on a rowing machine), planning good foods to eat, doing lots of working out as she pursues her dream of being on the Team USA in women’s rowing. In two weeks Rosa begins the first of her many events at Nathan Benderson Park as she begins the qualifying process to reach that goal. This race is the first step in being ranked for the year. We will keep you updated on her happenings! So because of all this activity Rosa will be taking a hiatus from TeamBradley, May, June and July bring more rounds of racing where she could ultimately secure her spot on Team USA for the World Rowing Championships that take place at the end of August in Austria. We are all pulling for Rosa! Here we like to call her ROWsa! Go ROWsa GO!!

Emily the awesome (We like to call her that) visited us in Florida this winter and we really had to almost push her back on the plane to return home.  We had such a good time sharing with her all our favorite places. While Wheaton has been her lifelong home, she really loves warmer weather. While she could not take home warm weather she did take home a little sunburn!  Emily also traveled south to Alabama this spring to shake off the cold for a family reunion. While she likes Alabama, her internet was not very fast down there. Emily is a freaky fast on the computer, the slow internet must have been maddening for her. It’s a good thing she planned on hiking and hanging out with the family. If you have had the pleasure of working with Emily at all, you will find out quickly why we love her so much!  She is kind, caring and super efficient. She’s not just part of our team at this point, we feel like she is family. Emily has been a breath of fresh air since she walked into our office last October. If you talk to Emily, tell her, Emily you are Awesome!

Catherine is our college staffer working on her masters and is well suited for this business. Studying to be a marriage counsellor she understands that recruiting is all about relationships. She sees a lot of parallels from her school work to our business. Catherine is an email and back office person and really assists Rich on the resource side of the business. We are excited about having her with us at TeamBradley right now. Catherine has been with us off and on since she was in high school. Her return to college was our good fortune. We give Catherine high grades for her work with us! And for her friendship. We are truly grateful for her insight and ability to jump right back into TeamBradley.

And of course the Bradley house is always busy. This year has been an amazing year thus far, Rich has been on a health journey and is finding great success in losing weight and de-stressing. Keys to that journey have been intermittent fasting followed by days of healthy foods and getting out of the office every day for some real exercise. Amy is busy with the team and with her Hula Hooping business. She continues to introduce fun fitness to people through her passions for good food and fitness. We continue to enjoy the success our youngest is having as a Junior in High School. While she has a lot going on, we found out recently that she won a playwright award from the Florida Studio Theatre. Her play is being performed by an the theatre group and she will receive an award at a ceremony next month. With Prom, Rowing Sweep States for Crew and her play production of Beauty and the Beast (she is an awesome dancing Cheese grater), April into May are going to be a flurry of keeping up with our youngest Cassi!


Our desks remain busy, happy and we are here for you.




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