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To start off this holiday season, my wife and I took Cassi to Disney; Yes, it was PACKED, even on Thanksgiving Day! I guess everyone wanted to experience the whimsy this year for the holiday. We plan to go for Christmas as well…we will be taking an office vote on how busy it will be – care to weigh in?

Is anyone else still feeling the energy from the Cubs game? Even though we are almost at the end of November, I am still wearing my Cubs World Series gear.  I might even wear it for “108” days after their historic win.  Speaking of triumphant sports endings, Bob once again finished a successful flag football season with his son, Lincoln, as well as another annual camping trip with his Cub Scout Pack.

As for our assistant, Amy, her updates are quite unrelated to sports.  Her excitement stems from the new hire in the Wheaton TeamBradley office.  We recently added another assistant to our team, who happens to be Amy’s best friend! WELCOME, TIFFANI DIAZ! They have been keeping that chatter at a minimum; it will be interesting to see if it stays that way. : )

Feel free to call or email me to discuss your hiring needs.  At TeamBradley, we’re committed to adding value to your organization. And even if you’re not presently hiring, I would still love to talk with you about your plans for the next quarter and for 2017, the market in general or to help you research salary comparisons for your current staff.

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