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This month I am celebrating 35 years of working in the recruiting industry. It has been an honor and privilege to work with you, your company and the candidates throughout the hiring process, and I look forward to many more years together; I am not retiring anytime soon! J Truly without YOU, my clients, I would not be in business. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your hiring process over the years.

I am not the only one doing some recruiting. Our champion Cubbies’ pitchers and catchers have reported to camp, which means spring training games start this weekend.  Major league Baseball is right around the corner! I am looking forward to seeing the new guys on the 2016 World Champ Team. The sports excitement doesn’t end there.  The Hawks are also having a promising season.  I am counting down the games until the playoffs start, because they WILL be going all the way!

In news of some smaller athletes, my daughter Cassi has been raking in trophies throughout her ragatta rowing season.  Plus, Lincoln won a 2nd place trophy during his Pinewood Derby.  Bob, a leader of Cub Scout pack 382, organized the entire event for the group.  During the week days, Bob may be in our Wheaton office as a recruiting machine, but on most nights and weekends, he is hard at work leading Scouts!

An interesting turn of events: our admin, Amy, has left her hair the same color for more than a month! It is an unusual, gray-ish light purple, which I actually like, but that is not as unusual as her not changing it.  She’s had red, purple, hot pink, light pink, turqoise, and blue hair (with nails to compliment). Let’s see how long this lasts…I bet she will change it by June. She and our other admin, Tiffani (who also has fun nails), are going on vacation to Portland, Oregon. The trick for Tiffani before that trip will be finding a substitute in her other job as a dog-walker.

Feel free to call or email me to discuss your hiring needs.  At TeamBradley, we’re committed to adding value to your organization. And even if you’re not presently hiring, I would still love to talk with you about your plans for the next quarter and for 2017, the market in general or to help you research salary comparisons for your current staff.

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