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Happy belated 4th of July! AND Happy belated New Year!

Yes, I look at the half way point of the calendar year as the start of a ‘new year’.

That way, if it has been a bad start to the calendar year, you get to have a fresh start in July!  And if it has been a good start to the calendar year, you plan and look forward to another great 2nd half.  This is something I have done ever since I can remember.   I review business and family goals at the start of July, and reassess/add goals based on what happened and what needs to happen in the coming months.

We spent our 4th of July holiday at the lake house in Indiana with our whole family.  Bob and Sami spoiled the entire crowd of relatives and friends by making pork watermelon tacos; what a perfect summer combination for the day!  The Nappi family has been awarded the family’s golden spoon award for the best new yummy meal!  Amy’s family loves the Nappi family of cooks!  It was great to have some time off and enjoy the days at the lake when it wasn’t raining! The Bradley family is in Wheaton for the summer and spending a lot of time in our TeamBradley main office.  It is great to be able to spend time with the family, our kids and grandchildren.

With it being summer time, Bob has enjoyed a lot of outdoor activities with Lincoln including Boy Scout events and some football classes gearing up for Wheaton Rams Flag Football in the fall. Little Audrey is just days away from walking all by herself. Right now she is cruising the home front, moving from one piece of furniture to the other and getting her grounding by standing with hands off of the furniture for a second or two. And wow is she fast! Pretty soon she will be chasing Lincoln! Look out Sami and Bob, there she goes!

It is a bittersweet time at the home office right now. Elizabeth will be leaving us at the end of this week to pursue her Master’s degree at Wheaton College.  She will be studying Clinical Psychology with an end goal of becoming a therapist.  We wish Elizabeth all the best, she has been an incredible asset to the recruiting team here and we will miss her very much.  Good luck Elizabeth!   We cannot wait to hear about your career progression and we know you will do amazing things as you continue to work with people!

As they say, when one door closes, another door opens! We want to welcome our newest team member, Amy Albers, as our new Executive Assistant.  Amy comes to us as a May 2015 graduate from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology.  Amy worked in a small law firm since she was 15 years old through high school and college. She is very excited to transition into another interpersonal and intimate business here at TeamBradley.  Welcome Amy!  In a short time we have already learned, Amy is a vegan, an animal-rights activist, and rescues animals both big and small (two guinea pigs, two cats, and two dogs).  As a matter of fact, she started working with TeamBradley on July 13th and adopted one of her two dogs on the 14th.  We have already heard about a number of her animal adventures!  We are sure there will be more fun stories!

Feel free to call or email me to discuss your hiring needs.  At TeamBradley, we’re committed to adding value to your organization. And even if you’re not presently hiring, I would still love to talk with you about your plans for the next quarter and for 2015, the market in general or to help you research salary comparisons for your current staff. Below are some articles you might find interesting.



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