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Hello and welcome to the TeamBradley Newsletter for Summer 2018.

As always, I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying the summer.

The Bradley family usually travels from Florida to see family and friends in the Midwest in late June through the end of July. We did that again this year and are rooted in Indiana for the duration with excursions here and there.

I have to say travels are a lot different with a 7 month old puppy, Coco Bean, on board.  She did great but she was really happy when the two days of travel to Indiana were finally over. Finding restaurants and hotels that are open to pets added an interesting element of challenge when we had never done that before. Little Coco Bean has already been meeting family, swimming in the lake and out paddle boarding with Amy and Cassi. But you have to watch that little one! She stepped into the water right off of the paddle board and had a blast. We are all having fun with our little chocolate colored happy Goldendoodle Coco Bean.

Prior to our travels here, Cassi wrapped up her rowing season. Sarasota Crew is now the 8x Florida State Champions and 7x Regional Champions!  A number of her teammates also qualified and went on to Jr. Nationals in CA in early June and the team did well there also coming home as Jr. National Champions with various individual and team medals. We are very happy for the achievement of the team and our daughter, “the coxswain”, this year. That said, we are also all excited about, “time off” from a very hectic and busy crew schedule.

While in Indiana and Illinois – I will be working remotely some of the time at our lake house and in the Wheaton office the rest of the time. A recruiter’s work is never done and while holidays come and go, my clients still have my attention, It’s what I do.

Additionally, the grandchildren will have my attention too, in Wheaton and at the lake. Lincoln, our grandson, now 11 is primed and ready for another year of kneeboarding and looking forward to staying an extra week. Sadly Sami and Bob are heading back to work and Audrey is not yet up to extended lake time! Bob is currently coaching Lincoln’s baseball team this spring and is pretty excited because they are in the play-off games. Our granddaughter Audrey is ready for lake time fun and family celebrations.

While in Wheaton, Cassi and I will hit up a Cubs game, a concert and will have some fun in Chicago too. We are looking forward to some planned events together.

While Amy will be once again be sharing her passion for hula hooping fitness as a Hoola Fit instructor. She teaches classes while here at the lake in Indiana after the 4th of July and then will be hooping in Iowa. New this year, Amy is working with a Functional Medicine doctor sharing hooping with the doctor’s community of people in Iowa City, Iowa. Amy will be returning to a pilates studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to teach hoop fitness and share her MS journey of recovery. Also new this year, Amy is sharing hoop fitness in her high school hometown, again spreading her passion for hoop fitness and sharing her story of living with MS. I have to say, she makes me proud. But I will also say, for the extra two weeks of travel she will be doing, the puppy, Cassi and I – ALREADY miss her!

TeamBradley has been a busy place over the springtime.

We did a little of our own recruiting as we said goodbye to my assistant of three years Amy Albers. We welcomed MaryKate Fitzpatrick as our office’s Administrative Assistant in May.  MaryKate has about a month under her belt and is balancing the busy office work with Tiffani Diaz who has stepped into her new role as our Administrative Lead. Together they are keeping information flowing and schedules in check for both Rich Bradley and Bob Nappi.

MaryKate comes to us from Loyola University Chicago. She previously worked at PCM where she prided herself as being really good at building relationships with small businesses. Being her first job out of college MaryKate feels that position got her ready for TeamBradley because she learned how to work on multiple projects at once and manage her time. We think she is right and that is one of the reasons we hired her on! While working hard to learn all she can about the recruiting industry this summer, MaryKate plans to enjoy the holidays and time relaxing with her friends and family. Welcome to the Team MaryKate.

We also hired an intern for the summer Madelyn Herr. She is doing a bang up job helping us be a little more social with our Facebook and other avenues of media. While we are an IT recruiting firm, let’s just say our digital footprint could use a little help. Madelyn just finished her freshman year of college comes to us from Illinois State University as a Graphic Communications major.  It is a very broad field and because it allows for creativity, she loves it. She shared with me recently that running with the social media with TeamBradley has been fun because it supports where she is hoping to take her career. I am sure we will miss her at the end of July when she returns to college and are very thankful for her drive and desire to give her all to us this summer. For now Maddie is, “loving being home from college and spending loads of quality time with family.”  Thanks Maddie!

And we are sending out a big thank you to Tiffani Diaz with this Newsletter, because for much of the spring, she had very little help in managing all the emails and information that flows in and out of TeamBradley. Her strong work ethic and desire to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks made her a Team Rockstar as we have worked to fill our empty desk. For the summer, Tiffani is looking forward to enjoying some long overdue rest and relaxation! She will be spending some of her time hanging out with some of her furry friends (old dog walking clients) and enjoying concerts throughout the season. She is also super excited to have MaryKate working with her.  They found they both have a love of listening to crime podcasts which makes for interesting lunchtime conversations.

 And Now Some News We Are Proud to Share! 

TeamBradley IT Contract Recruiting is Here!

Announcing another reason to love TeamBradley – expanding from our niche of being your IT contingency recruiting service for your full time permanent placements, we are now providing contract recruiting services in IT and related professional areas.  It makes perfect sense we know our clients and we are experienced in finding your company awesome full time employees, how much easier it is for us to assist you with your contract hiring needs!? It is a win-win. Call Rich Bradley today to find out more about our Contract Recruiting services! 630-344-5100 x 610.

 Forbes Announces News About TeamBradley 

 For the second year in a row, we have been named one of Forbes Best Professional Recruiting Firms – #138 TeamBradley!  Congratulations to Rich Bradley and his team!

Enjoy the summer holidays!

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