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HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are excited for 2018 here at TeamBradley.  TeamBradley has been around for 11 years and we could not have gotten to this point without YOU! In addition, this year marks my anniversary of 36 years in the recruiting business. Let’s keep our relationship thriving and sort out your hiring needs for 2018!

We had an unexpected surprise for Christmas this year on our trip home to see the grand kids.  Cassi’s favorite present this year was Christmas Eve snow.  She hasn’t been able to play in snow, let alone see it, the last few years. The passing of the holidays means the 2nd half of the rowing season is beginning this weekend, therefore we have events and races nearly every weekend until May.

There was less excitement for the fore mentioned snow from the folks in our Wheaton office this winter (or any winter in Amy A.’s case; she has an allergy to cool temperatures and breaks out in hives upon exposure to cold). Tiffani and her cat have adjusted to their new apartment, and Bob has been adjusting to the disappointing streak of the Blackhawks by concentrating on his Pittsburgh Steelers who are doing well. : )

We are starting off the year with over 50 hot jobs to fill! Are you a developer? We have positions like a Dynamics AX Analyst and an ERP Programmer Analyst. If those aren’t your field, how about a Senior Security Analyst, a Business Analyst  or a PL/SQL Developer ? Check out our Open Positions to find your future position for the New Year!!

If you are contemplating the IT marketplace and your timing of making a change is right now or soon, give me a call or email me and let’s discuss your career options and assess opportunities.   Be sure to check out our complete list of open positions on our website.  The flip side of that coin would be, that if you are in need of adding to your staff, please do give me a call, we would be happy to assist you. There have been many instances in my 36 years that I placed a candidate, and then helped them staff their team several years down the line. : )


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