September had some interesting unexpected plans for my family and me this year. Hurricane Irma chased us first to the panhandle of Florida.  As the hurricane changed directions and intensified, we left there and went to our lake house for evacuation in Indiana.  The traffic was horrendous and full of people with the same evacuation idea. And then the trip home was even longer AND the lines at the gas stations were miles long. I haven’t seen that since the 70’s.

It wasn’t all bad though; my wife used it as a great excuse to completely reorganize our lake house. I guess it was better to stay busy while we waited out the storm. The other positive from the situation is that we came back to no damage to our home. Lots in the area but we dodged a bullet.  We are very grateful.

Cassi’s rowing season has begun again; she already traveled to Oklahoma last weekend and is now traveling again this weekend to Tampa.  The season goes all the way to Christmas season.  As our readers know, her involvement keeps my wife and me quite busy with the practice 6 days a week and a regatta nearly every weekend. : ) Bob is also keeping himself busy this weekend with the final Cub Scout camping trip of the year.  As always, he will be cooking for the whole crew.

TeamBradley has been experiencing incredibly irritating phone issues this month, with all problems seemingly appearing around and after Friday the 13th…
Are you one of the 17-21 million Americans with paraskavedekatriaphobia? Those with this fear of Friday the 13th will modify their choices and behaviors due to the superstitious belief.   Our Wheaton office team members are superstitious as well as lovers of Halloween; they will be dressing up on Tuesday.  How about you and your office? Are you dressing up?  What are your planned Halloween festivities?

As you likely know, our main focus is IT Recruitment; however, we also work on filling jobs out of our niche like Director of Finance and Business Development and Marketing Specialist.  Are you an IT folk? Don’t worry! We have many openings like a Sr. Windows Administrator, an EDI Analyst, and an SQL Developer!  Head on over to our Open Positions to view our 55 currently open roles to find a position for you!

If you are contemplating the IT marketplace and your timing of making a change is right now or soon, give me a call or email me and let’s discuss your career options and assess opportunities.   Be sure to check out our complete list of open positions on our website.  The flip side of that coin would be, that if you are in need of adding to your staff, please do give me a call, we would be happy to assist you. There have been many instances in my 35 years that I placed a candidate, and then helped them staff their team several years down the line. : )


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