Rich Bradley Celebrates a Milestone Birthday!

Rich Bradley is the brains and talent behind TeamBradley. I can say that because I am his wife and I know the work and dedication he puts forth everyday making his clients happy! Today Rich is extra happy because he has spent the day chatting with clients and friends who are calling to say, “Happy Birthday” to my husband. Rich has spent 37 years in the recruiting industry and most of that time has been spent in the every changing, always awesome realm of technology. His earlier days were spend placing COBOL Programmers, Assembler Programmers and AS400 people! Yep  that is true and now we almost never hear those words.

Today Rich is reflecting on his 60th Birthday with pride and joy at being in a business he is truly passionate about. It has been my pleasure and honor to work with my husband as he makes magic introducing his clients to their next employee!  Today has been much like every other day for Rich, as he celebrates his 60th birthday. He has been hard at it, answering phone calls, talking to clients, going through email and doing what he does that make TeamBradley a wonderful and successful business.

Happy Birthday Rich – So wonderful to work with you and call you my partner and best friend!

Love you, Amy