Why Recruiters Make a Difference

The time we save, is money you can make!
The time we save, is money you can make!

Why should you use a professional recruiter? After all, you could find someone yourself or put an ad out to the universe and see who responds, right? While technology has made some parts of the recruiting process easier, the truth is professional recruiters are still needed, because we are working with people. And putting together companies with their next employee is a dating game of sorts, that takes a certain amount of market knowledge, mixed with really knowing what makes people tick and ultimately move to new career opportunities.

Time is a valuable commodity and we all have the same amount of time each day, 24 hours. Often when we are engaged to work on behalf of our client, it is when they are ready to hire. Either too much work has piled up on their desks and/or a preliminary search has already happened internally with no success. At this point in the hiring process, the client needs to focus on the work in front of them and spend any recruiting time allotted on the best people the market has to offer. That is where I generally step into the equation.

Instead of rifling through a bunch of resumes and making endless phone calls, just to find some potential candidates, the early stages of assessing candidates is passed onto me, the professional recruiter.  My goal is to meet your hiring needs by searching, networking and connecting through my channels, which by the nature of my business, has a certain amount of depth to it. As the hiring entity, you are interested in looking at a selection of resumes that are targeted towards your job requirement and company culture. As a professional recruiter, I am always thinking about the career opportunity on my client’s desk, the corporate structure/culture, and the team the candidate would be added too. Additionally I question, What would my client want to know about this person? And finally what makes me eager to share this qualifier with my client?

Ultimately when the client interviews someone from TeamBradley, the goal for me is that there is a potential for a hire to happen. Some say a recruiting resource is a luxury. A luxury that in the end, saves you time getting to the interview process with pre qualified individuals that are probable candidates for you to hire, not just possible people for you to consider. And we save you money by keeping you and your team focused on their projects, not the extra task of searching for their next team member. Let’s face it, adding to your staff can be a full time job, that can eat up your day in the blink of an eye. I know because, it’s what I do!

And if I do my job well, it increases the likelihood of a long term match. It is important to me that when I put a company with their next employee, what is also created, is a sense of stability, for both the client and the candidate. I build relationships, not just fill jobs.

Having a professional recruiter to utilize for your team pays off for you because my reach to the talent pool is continuous. I consider all networking worth my time as an investment into the future of my next hiring challenge for my client. TeamBradley is about professional recruiting. We stay focused on the changing marketplace, the migration of talent and continue to work with you to assess when you need me to step in an assist in the complex puzzle of being a corporate matchmaker