Hottest Jobs in IT

Here at TeamBradley, we know that there are MANY jobs in the IT world. From engineers to data analysts to software developers and all in between, there are many positions to be filled. People want to do what they love but they also want to make money doing it, which isn’t always the case for people. We want to help make that the case for you. So here they are – the 3 hottest jobs in IT so far in 2020. Let’s make dreams happen.

Data Scientist

Obviously, this is kind of a vague term. Depending where you work, your job as a Data Scientist could be so many different things. But they all share the same goal; evaluate data to produce creative insight. Whether it you are creating tools, organizing data or data mining your goal is still to create solutions for your company. With a median salary of $113,000, this is our top hot job!

Software Engineer

Our second hot job is Software Engineer. The basic description of a Software Engineer is, to improve system quality by identifying patterns or issues and using them to develop operating procedures and standards. There are many software engineer jobs open in the world, because it is something that is and always will be needed, so there is a lot of job security if you have the skills to perform. The median salary for this hot job is $92,046.

DevOps Engineer

Third hot job of 2020 is a DevOps Engineer. Not as many job openings as software engineer, but still a much-needed position in the world of IT. If you have the skills, they need you and they want you. The DevOps Engineer will work with many different departments to develop different systems. They also analyze data to improve existing systems. Lots of different duties, you kind of have something new every project to keep you on your toes. Our median salary for hot job number three is $100,000.

Finding your dream job and finding a way to make a living can be hard for everyone, we want to help make it a little easier. Whether or not is a top 3 job of 2020 or not, finding the job that makes you happy makes all the difference in the world. By helping people find their dream placement, we have found love in what we do. Can we help you find love in what you do?