Be Happy

santos_qaWatching people come together in order to make life feel normal again is a magical experience, because it doesn’t end up normal–it feels special. Have you seen John Krasinski’s Some Good News? It’s sure to brighten your day because, as the name suggests, it focuses on some good news for the day.

I feel lucky that we have been brought together, in some way, even during this hard time. That’s why I’d like to share just a couple of our experiences of coming together. Maybe one provokes you to do something to give back to your community. Maybe one makes you think of something you’ve experienced in the last couple of weeks. Any way it turns out, find a way today to make someone smile. We need a couple more smiles in the world right now.

Amy and Rich’s daughter, Cas, is missing her senior prom (among other senior year traditions) and their community came together to give her a night she will never forget. Amy hosts ‘social distance dance parties’ in their neighborhood and sometimes Cas join in the fun. One night, Cassi came out in her beautiful prom dress for dinner because she wanted some photos to share with her friends. When Amy saw her, she sent out an email to all the neighbors and asked if they could cut some flowers and make the dance that night feel a little more like prom. They did! With only 15 minute’s notice, people dressed up and came out to celebrate Cas! They created an absolutely wonderful night. Rich walked out of the garage in a suit and tie to dance with his youngest. It may not be the senior prom she had dreamed of, but it was one just for her!

A couple families of TeamBradley have had birthdays during this time as well. As much as they thought it would be just a day in with the family, they both seemed to have the best birthdays ever! Amy’s family got her a new bubble machine (her ideal gift) for her dancing and hooping. She got to do everything she loves, which includes dancing and exercising and eating her favorite foods with her favorite people! Her loved ones all called or FaceTimed, so even though they couldn’t be together she got to hear from them. Mary Kate threw her dad a social distance birthday with cheesy decorations from his favorite childhood show, Speed Racer. Their family cooked an amazing steak dinner and, to top off the night, all of his friends and family had a “birthday parade” for him! They drove by honking and holding up signs and some even threw candy! He ended his 55th birthday watching Michael Jordan’s Double Nickel game, happy as can be!

Another fun thing to lift spirits, Mary Kate’s family created their own Minute-to-Win-it Olympics as a new Saturday night activity. Her sister had seen a video on the internet and sent it to the family, and they all wanted to play! They had 3 teams–all different countries–and competed in 7 challenges. The games were silly things like blow up a balloon and use the air to knock down ten plastic cups the fastest, or get a cookie from your eye to your mouth only using your muscles in your face. Then they would average the team’s times and awarded points! It included a lot of laughter and a lot of recording so they will never forget it! Whether they were the one playing or watching, every event was fun and silly and they couldn’t get enough.

People coming together has made this not-so-wonderful time a little easier to manage in. We truly have created something beautiful by doing these things. The world is coming together a little more every day and that is something worth celebrating! There will always be very tough days, but finding something good in it or making it special in your own way will make looking back on this time in our lives that much better. So take as many pictures as you can, no matter what the gathering is. Later, you can look back on it and smile.